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At the Minnesota Justice Research Center, we are often looking to grow our team and activate community members as interns or volunteers. See below for current openings, and send us a note if you want to get engaged in other ways. We look forward to working with you!

Date posted:

June 13, 2024

Regional Native Public Defense Evaluation Research Assistant
Job Title:
We are seeking a research assistant to join a small research team for an evaluation of the RNPDC who brings experience in mixed methods research methodology, knowledge about or interest in the criminal legal system, and a commitment to community-engaged action research. This position is located in Cass Lake, MN

Date posted:

June 5, 2024

Policy Assistant
Job Title:
We are seeking a Policy Assistant to join the Minnesota Justice Research Center to perform various tasks to support the organization’s criminal legal system advocacy, particularly in the implementation and evaluation of community supervision (probation and supervised release) changes in the state of Minnesota.

Date posted:

January 1, 2023

Research Intern
Job Title:
We are seeking Research Interns to support our various research teams with project organization and logistic support.
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