Through research, education, and policy development, we give our community the information and tools needed to create a criminal justice system that aligns with our commonly-held values.

We are the only community-led organization in the Upper-Midwest dedicated to  research-based criminal justice system reform. 

Research: We monitor, research, and analyze what is happening in our justice system and its impact; and identify and clarify the community values and goals that will measure the effectiveness of criminal justice policies and practices. Our work includes community-led research guided by our Research Advisory Board; and research and evaluation services for government entities and community organizations. 

Education: We educate the community, justice system professionals, and policymakers about our justice system through reporting, convening, and other education and communications efforts. 

Policy: We develop and advocate for policy changes based on our research findings. We assist partner organizations with the development of new policy and in their advocacy efforts as appropriate. 

MNJRC works with partner agencies and organizations to conduct practical, high-impact research, analysis, and evaluation. Whether this is an assessment of long-standing law enforcement practices or assisting with the design of an evaluation model for a new diversion or re-entry program, our goal is to understand what works, why it works, and whether it is effective.  

Research Partnerships and Evaluation

MNJRC has a highly-skilled research team with expertise in qualitative and quantitative research, evaluation, and assessment design and analysis. If you would like more information about our services, or you would like to partner with MNJRC on a project, contact us at to start the conversation!